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State of Crypto Ethereum: The Future of Finance and the Internet itself

Explore our State of Crypto #12, a deep dive into Ethereum's transformative role in blockchain revolution as it approaches its 10th anniversary. Discover how this platform is shaping the future of digital transactions and development.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized smart-contract platform that revolutionized the world of blockchain technology beyond its original use case, which was initially limited to  peer-to-peer payments inspired by the Bitcoin model. In this section, we take you on a tour around the blockchain in an urban analogy to explain how blockchain empowered Ethereum into building a thriving ecosystem, spearheaded by its decentralized financial district.

What is Ether?

ETH, the native cryptoasset of the network, is the fuel that allows Ethereum to operate in the same way that we use oil to propel vehicles, heat buildings, and produce electricity in the physical world. Users must pay a “gas fee” or a transaction fee in ETH for every transaction they perform on the network. 


What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are like vending machines for legal agreements. They are self-executing programs on blockchains, and automate trustless transactions, removing the need for intermediaries. While the technology is still maturing, they offer significant advantages in efficiency and security. Their importance in the ecosystem is paramount as they facilitate the creation of innovative applications on Ethereum.

Ethereum Key Metrics

Stay updated with Ethereum's performance through our Dune Dashboards. Track key metrics such as transaction volume, gas fees, and network activity to gauge its market dynamics. 

Explore Ethereum Dashboards

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