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Bitcoin Outperforms Gold, S&P500, and Nasdaq in 2023 YTD

Bitcoin has registered a 60%+ year-to-date performance amidst an uncertain macroeconomic environment and fascinating ecosystem developments. BTC dominance has risen to 45%, up from 38% in December reaching its highest level since June last year.

See how to invest in Bitcoin with the largest suite of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs).


Why 21Shares for gaining Bitcoin exposure

  • 21Shares Bitcoin ETPs are 100% physically backed by the underlying Bitcoin.
  • The underlying Bitcoin assets are held in cold storage by independent custodian partners (Coinbase / Copper).
  • Investors are able to trade Bitcoin ETPs similar to stocks with your regular brokerage account on regulated stock exchanges.
  • Investors don’t need to worry about holding Bitcoin on a crypto wallet. 

Featured Bitcoin ETPs

ABTCClip path group

World's first spot Bitcoin ETP


21Shares Bitcoin ETP
Asset under Management (AUM): $247.44M
YTD Return*: +58.54%    
Fees (p.a.): 1.49%


CBTCClip path group-2

Bitcoin ETP with the lowest fees


21Shares Bitcoin Core ETP 
Asset under Management (AUM): $5.23M
YTD Return*: +59.37%    
Fees (p.a.): 0.21%


Clip path group-3


The only inverse Bitcoin ETP in the market


21Shares Short Bitcoin ETP 
Asset under Management (AUM): $9.63M
YTD Return*: -47.57%    
Fees (p.a.): 2.50%


Clip path group-1


World's first Bitcoin and Gold ETP


21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP 
Asset under Management (AUM): $4.15M
YTD Return*: +16.73%   
Fees (p.a.): 1.49%


21shares_M_Bitcoin Campaign Research chart-1-2
    *Data as of June 7th, 2023. 

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