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The Bitcoin Halving and Beyond

Discover the latest insights on the Bitcoin halving event.

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Bitcoin Halving

What is the Bitcoin Halving?

The Bitcoin halving is a programmed event that reduces the reward for mining new coins by 50% approximately every four years, ultimately limiting the total supply of Bitcoin, akin to the scarcity of gold. This mechanism, embedded in Bitcoin's protocol, aims to maintain its value proposition as a decentralized, fixed and immutable monetary system, although its performance is influenced by various factors that go beyond the halving.


How are miners impacted by the halving?

The Bitcoin halving impacts miners through reduced block rewards and shifts in profitability, influenced by Bitcoin's price fluctuations. Miners may seek refinancing options to sustain operations, while decreased mining difficulty during downturns encourages cost-effectiveness and strengthens the network. As a result of this cycle’s unique demand, miners are selling less BTC on exchanges, indicating a more bullish stance amidst price surges and increased market accessibility driven by ETF inflows.


How can I get access via ETPs?

Easily access Bitcoin through Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) listed on regulated exchanges. With these ETPs, you can trade Bitcoin via your regular brokerage accounts without the need for a digital wallet. Rest assured as you invest confidently, supported by transparent documentation and similar tax treatments as traditional ETPs or securities. Start trading Bitcoin ETPs today for a seamless investment experience that combines the convenience of traditional trading with the potential of cryptocurrency assets.

Bitcoin Key Metrics

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